Repairs & Emergency Numbers

Emergency contact numbers:
Fabhomes 020 8809 3444

Emergencies OUT OF OFFICE HOURS email or dial 020 8809 3444 and press 9 (provide property address, your name and contact details).

If you are unable to contact anyone from Fabhomes, please use the numbers below in the event of an emergency:
GAS: Transco 0800 111 999
ELECTRIC: UK Power Networks 0800 783 8866
FLOOD: 999
POLICE: Important but not an emergency 101


In the event of a repair being required please ensure you carry out the following procedures listed below:-


For loss of power please check all fuses and circuit breakers – this includes plugs. In the fuse box if any of the switches are down, push them back up again. If the switches continually trip there is a problem - avoid using the electrics. If there is no power and you checked the fuse box already please check with your neighbours and contact your energy supplier as this may be due to a power cut in your area. If it is your house only please contact Fabhomes
In the case of large domestic appliances, e.g: cooker, washing machine etc, please check instruction manual first (if manual is not available please contact your local office to arrange a duplicate copy if available). If this does not resolve the problem please email our office quoting serial number, make and model of appliance and a full description of fault and we will deal with the enquiry as soon as we can.


In the case of a water leak please locate and shut of the mains supply and or isolation valve before contacting your local office or our emergency contractor – shut down valve/stop cock is usually located under the kitchen sink or utility cupboards usually where water tanks are located

In the event of no water please contact Thames Water

Occasional leak (through ceiling etc.) this is probably from an appliance like a shower, tap or toilet. Do not use the suspected appliance until Fabhomes has investigated. Be careful that water is not flowing over the edge of the shower tray or bath. Occasional leaks could also be rain coming in from the roof in which case the roof will need repairing. Please inform Fabhomes of the issue.

Leak from appliances such as washing machine/dishwasher - Switch the appliance off at the machine and the isolation switch (usually labelled and above the work top/behind washing machine at times unmarked). If the leak continues turn the blue and red taps one quarter turn to the off position (these small taps [isolation valves] are in the off position when pointing at a right angle to the pipe on which it is fitted. Usually the small taps are accessible under the sink area often concealed by washing powder boxes, etc. Some valves have a handle whilst others have a slot for a screwdriver or small coin to turn on/off). Try to mop up as much of the water as possible. You may need to pull the appliance out from the wall to access the taps fitted behind it. If water drips from a ceiling place any available container underneath to minimise the damage.


Should you smell gas at the property please turn off the supply at your meter and contact Transco on 0800 111 999 immediately. Once Transco have located where the leak has occurred please advise Fabhomes or our emergency contractors if outside office hours.


Toilets - Toilets usually become blocked by flushing tampons, sanitary towels, face wipes, cotton buds, and so on. In order to avoid this problem, avoid doing this. If you have already tried solutions suggested in fault finding, please contact Fabhomes and we will arrange for plumber

Baths, showers and sinks - Baths, showers and sinks usually become blocked with hair, fat and food. Try to be very careful not to let these things go down the drain. Usually chemical "drain-hole and plug unblocker", will solve the problem. You can buy this at all supermarkets and Wilkinsons. There are various kinds, but if the water does not drain at all, be sure to use an appropriate product. Be careful not to burn yourself with acid based products. Splash backs could result in a burned behind!

NB: Tenants should note that they are responsible for maintaining fuses, light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries.